About Us

YOTKE company set up with a new name in 1991 in Zagreb, we are the largest manufacturer of violin strings in Croatia. Our first employees had over 30 years of experience in manufacturing strings and acoustic musical instruments. Throughout the years the experience increased and we became the largest manufacturers of strings. All of the products are top quality handmade strings with traditional manufacturing. Daniel Mari, one of the pioneers in new material findings and usage in making strings for example classic guitars as we are using today, comes from a well known string making family the MARI from Italy. They were one of the first makers of musical strings and also the representatives for famous string makers in Italy dated to 19th century. He went to New York in the late 40′.
There he continued his family business and started making perfect musical strings. A modern and modest man who was never satisfied with his results kept on perfecting his skills. He unselfishly shared his experience and skills with other string makers and helped in the production of some world known musical strings companies. In earliest 60′ he collaborated with some famous musicians as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and many more. Daniel Mari is a true master in his line of work with his excellent knowledge and „the feeling“ for the strings he evolved. His facilities produce high quality strings for every stringed instrument. We are very honored and proud to have him as our guide in string making. He has been unselfishly consulting our string production so that we can achieve our goal in meeting the best worldwide standards in string quality.